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Creamy Mushroom Soup

Creamy Mushroom Soup

The vat of kitchen soup has disappeared. Might be because Jonathan and I are a little poorly. Not wanting to be locked up in the house all day we made our way to the Brockley Market  Our lovely local seasonal farmers market. Always best not to have a shopping list, as your never know what your might find. You might find rabbit, pigeon, pheasant, you might not. It all depends on what the on the stalls.. I had my fingers crossed for a rabbit as last night I bumped into a delicious recipe - 12 hour rabbit bolognese! from Jamie Olivers cookbook - click here to buy

But when we got there, the stall was bare, but the mushrooms were very irresistible!

Creamy mushroom soup for dinner this evening.

you will need;

A large chunk of butter

2 leeks (I forgot to get them so I will use up the spring onions and a medium onion)

a few sprigs of thyme

700g of mushrooms


1kg tablespoon plain flour 1.2l stock

100ml double cream

2tablespoons of sherry (I will use a wee bit of wine!)


your choice of herbs (I went with parsley, it always look pretty and tastes fresh)

Start by frying the leeks and thyme in butter (or spring onions, shallots and onion in my case... it's what we had in the house) for about 10mins.

Add the chopped mushrooms (I found I did not need to chop the mushrooms, more break them up. They were so fresh and firm).

Fry them for a few minutes with a little more than a pinch of salt, this allows the juicy flavours to flow free from the mushrooms. Now it is time to add the chopped garlic. It really does not matter how you chop any of these ingredients as they will all go through a blender in the end.

I then add three teaspoons of Bouillon Veg power and about 1. 1/2 l of water. Time to boil. After about 20 minutes the handy hand blender came out.

I love this kitchen instrument and will add it to my kitchen essentials post that I am writing! Once you have a smooth soup, it is now time to add the creamy part to the mushroom soup. You might be able to see a little oil on top of the soup below? This would be truffle oil. Massively expensive but you only need a drop, dash or slight drizzle for the earthy mushroomy, slightly garlicky flavour to perfume any dish you add it to. I though it was good idea to add it to this dish, as it would accentuates the mushrooms characteristic. 

Creamy Mushroom Soup
Creamy Mushroom Soup

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