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Marmalade Martini

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Oh my word! We found this in the Hawksmoor at home recipe book.  

They are lethal but lovely!

Easy to make and very attractive. I will give you very rough guidelines. (They are just guidelines, as not many people like Campari - it gives the cocktail a bitter taste. I happen to love it.)

I have found that if you add a dash of Campari and Angostura bitters to the ice in the cocktail mixer, give it a good shake then pour it way, (its just a dash so not that much waste!) doing this adds a but of a twist.

I like to add a rather large teaspoon of marmalade to the mixer and a good glug of Gin. Then shake, shake shake.

Once I have made three, I had a brain wave: Our friend Mags made the most delicious orange and cranberry jam for Christmas. I popped a spoonful into the shaker instead of the marmalade. It was amazing. very balanced. Thank you Mags! I will eat the rest, not drink it.... I promise! 

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