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Meringue made easy - Super easy!

This is the best foolproof meringue recipe I can come across, thank you Ballymaloe cookbook, how I love thee. You might just be the best cookbook I own (I have loads!). I love the fact that there seems to be a recipe for everything, and the recipes are super easy. Just like the meringue recipe. I have only ever made meringue once or twice. Each and every time I was a little nervous. Silly, I know. It's just egg white, sugar and a load of air beaten in! No more shall I worry. No more shall you worry! Ballymaloe claims that this is a fool proof recipe! More to the point, you just throw everything in. Easy peasy.

You must make sure that your bowl is spotless. Even the mere smear of oil and your perky peak will flop! A copper bowl is best, they say. I have a kitchen aid mixer, so life is so much easier.

Take 2 egg whites - I use the "let it slip through my fingers" technique for separating the white from the yolk. I may film it in the future to give you an demonstration! Always, always crack the white into a separate bowl before adding it to the mixing bowl. If any of the yoke gets in to the mix you will never be able to get a stiff mix!110gm of caster sugar - I used the vanilla sugar that I made a few months ago. If you ever have a vanilla pod spare, pop it into a bag of sugar. It makes a massive difference to recipes. Ideal for finishing desserts.

Pre heat your oven to 150c. Remember to have a clean bowl. Add both the whites and the sugar to the bowl and

whip it at a high speed until you have a beautiful white, stiff, cloud-like mix. Line a tray with grease proof paper. It's now time to get artistic, or do what I do, and plop the mix on the the paper and smear it into a circle. Keep it thin if you like it crunchy or fat if you want it marshmallowie. 

As soon as you put it in the oven, turn it down to 100c. I had it in the oven for just under one hour. I like my meringue soft and creamy. I think if you want it crunchy, you should keep it in for 1 1/2 hours. Once done turn the oven off but keep the meringue in the oven while it cools down. 

I made this one two days in advance. You can keep it for a week in a cake tin if needed,

There is a saying that meringue should never be made on a wet day. As luck would have it there was not a rain drop in sight.

When ready, whip the cream and get your fruit ready. I chose to use raspberries and passion fruit.

Its always a show stopper! (both Jonathan and the meringue!)

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