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Puglia and Pulia

"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."

Julia Child

I have read and loved the words of Julia Child talking about France and how she adores and loves the French way of life,, but I wonder what she thought when she came to Italy. I have yet to read about Julia child's adventures in Italy. I thought it would be lovely to take a moment (14 days) to think about how this amazing 6' 2 life loving woman would view Puglia. Imagine if Pulia came to Puglia.

Pulia is how Julia signs her letters to her loved ones. Paul (her husband) + Julia = Pulia!

I know Julia would have loved it here and Paul would have loved seeing Julia get over excited about the delicious, fresh and colourful dishes.

Not dissimulator to Jongary (Jonathan and Gary) I can see the joy and love in Jonathan's eyes when I get excited about a new dish or ingredient.

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