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Puglia and Pulia: Sunday service

Oh the drama of forgetting to bring a UK to Europe plug adapter on holiday! It's a Sunday morning in small town Italy and the chance of finding one seems pretty slim. Really, we need to remember next time.

Jonathan headed out to the cathedral for Sunday mass and I headed out to find an electrical shop that would sell an adapter. The tourist information office was not much use. They had no idea what I was asking for. I popped my head into a 'we sell everything' type of shop. Turns out that they don't. But the really lovely man in there gave me his USB plug and said "A man is not a man without his phone"! Well this is what I think he said, but I can't actually speak a word of non-foodie Italian. However it solved our problem for the moment and tomorrow (Monday) the electrical shop will be open.

So, one drama is resolved, on to more pressing matters: Should our main meal be Sunday lunch or dinner? We haven't done a food shop, so no eating in...yet!

We decide on a big lunch, and head to  Il Gallo Nero, but before lunch we treat ourselves to a relaxing beer in the next door bar/cafe called Antiche Mura. The sky is so blue today and the sea is inviting

Puglia specialises in beautiful seafood. So today's starter at Il Gallo Nero is, again, a selection of fishy house specialties, beautifully simple and very tasty. The deep fried fish is meaty, savoury and crispy. Great octopus again, for Jonathan. The vegetables are divine: Courgettes fried then pickled; A little dollop of heaven in a dish in the form of melanzane parmigiana.

Jonathan's orecchiette with sausage meat looked so beautiful. The flavours was very subtle and the pasta is so delicate. My spaghetti with mussels in a parsley sauce is scrumptious. The service was very happy. Sunday lunch is a success. Full and content, we wander the back streets of Monopoli.

We have heard that the weather will be cooler tomorrow, so we might venture to a city north of Monopoli called Bari. I would love to find those beautiful old ladies that I've read about who make the fresh orcchiette pasta in their doorways on the streets of Bari.


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