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Saucy Salmon Pasta

Our Tuscan Fridge!!

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Last year at the end of august Jonthan and I went on an amazing glamping holiday in Tuscany. The deal was that we pay for a food parcel and in return we get a free shed with a bed (oh and a compost toilet and a solar power shower! My idea of heaven !). Any hoo... in this amazing food parcel, that could probably feed a family of four for a week, was a can of tomatoes. "Yes and..." I hear you say...

It was a can of cherry tomatoes. Can you believe? (pardon the pun) We were so excited we opened them up and gobbled then down. No garlic, no cooking, just like a nice bowl of olives with ice cold G & T. They were heaven. Sweet, juicy and bright red.

To my surprise when we were doing the Christmas shopping, low and behold Sainsburys now sell these little gems. Having stocked up on them I am sure you will see them floating around in a few recipes.

Now on to the Saucy Salmon Pasta.

Still having a fridge full of food from Christmas and New Year and it's going to turn any day now, I need to come up with some tasty treats. There are hundreds of things one can do with smoked salmon and mascarpone, especially if you have a can of cherry tomatoes. I am going for the quick and easy pasta option.

Only a few simply step and you have a meal in mins.

Start by frying a clove or two of garlic in a tablespoon or two of oil. (Do what ever your taste buds feel like. If I am feeling run down, I up the garlic!)Now add the magical can of cherry tomatoes (a can of Italian plum tomatoes would also do, but...) and a stock cube (chicken or veg) and just a little flaked chili.Now for the easy bit. Let it bubble away and pop your water on to boil. There is a saying that when you boil water for pasta, it should be as salty as the Mediterranean sea. I don't have that much salt!Just before the pasta has cooked, add a tablespoon or two of the mascarpone and the smoked salmon. Your sauce base is done.                                                                                        Now here is my TOP TIP for making a good pasta sauce. The idea is that you want to introduce some of the starch from the boiling water (and the salt) to thicken the sauce. I use tongs to fish the pasta straight from the water to the sauce, mixing as I go. This allows me to gauge how much pasta the sauce needs. I always make too much pasta. That way I can have pasta fritters the next day! YumCars!

You are now ready to serve. No Parmesan is needed as the mascarpone is rich and creamy. I hope you enjoy and don't do what I did and add a little too much chili!

I also love it when there is enough to feed everyone and still have enough for me to take to work the next day. Waste not want not!

Buon Appetite

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