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Spaghetti Fritter - A great way to not waste leftover pasta.

I have a habit (all be it a good one) I always cook too much pasta

a) Because my eyes are bigger than my belly!

b) I lovely spaghetti fritters. Jonathan introduced me to these delightful discs. They are very easy and once again an easy, tasty and fast dish to make.

Let yourself be as adventures as you dare. Pesto, anchovies, cheese, onion, bacon, chili, you name it. Or all of the above! Only one rule, don't add too much as they will not hold together. a little flavour goes a long way. You want them to stay firm and crispen up around the edges

All you need is;

Leftover pasta (any pasta but I have found that spaghetti is best) An egg or two and your flavour of choice Oil for frying

Whip the egg an your choices of flavours together, stir it through the pasta. Sometimes it is easier to cut the pasta up a little (only a little) if you are doing a large batch. The pasta needs to be coated in egg all over - this is what binds the pasta and flavour together.

Now get your frying pan nice and hot, with a good old glug of oil (you want to shallow fry them, so let them swim just a little!). They don't take long to cook, you want them golden brown with crusty little spaghetti tails poking out.

Once cooked you can rest them on paper towel for a few seconds. I would recommend that they are eaten hot.

That's if they are not snapped up straight from the frying pan. This is a great social lunch for two if you both love chit chatting and cooking......and EATING!

A big thank you to Jonathan for sharing one of his signature dishes. After mooching about the fridge he decided on bacon, Parmesan ,garlic, anchovies, chilli oil and truffle pesto left over from our Tuscan Farm holiday Aug 2011 (click here for more info...)

I should have served it with salad, but really you try this recipe and you will find out that you can not stop yourself from eating them straight away!

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