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The Roast Dinner Getaways

I am now working for a charitable organisation called GCDA. Everything we do centres around building thriving communities.. We help people who want to start their own businesses. Focusing on local people that want to start social enterprises. We also work closely with public health to deliver healthy cookery classes and activities that encourage an active and healthier lifestyle. Who would have thought? I am now part of a sustainability conscious world, and I love it.

Also, about a year and a half ago, I had a brain haemorrhage! I am a lucky boy to be here. Six weeks of bed rest and a slow return to work. I still feel that I don't have the energy or the concentration that I used to. I cant say that life is any slower, so sometimes is essential for me to stop and hideaway.

This is why we have decided to get away more,  quiet weekends in the country. Friday to Sunday. Now that I can drive, we can be in the countryside in an hour.

I introduce to you 'The Roast Dinner Getaways.'

I hope to entertain you with recipes, adventures and stories from weekends away.

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