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You can take the boy out of Scotland!

It's October, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. The temperature of the house is not helped by the fact we are having building work done, what we hope will be a beautiful loft conversion. It would have taken 8 weeks to complete and we are now on month 7. This means no back window. Chills vills! 

Last night I could not decide what to eat. Ideally, I wanted a big hearty veg stew but the veg stack was bare!  Jonathan suggests haggis and tatties. What a perfect suggestion and we happened to have some haggis ready to go (as you do!)

I am always amazed at how comforting I find haggis and how filling it is!

It is our duty not to waste the food we buy. We try our hardest to use every part of the food we bring home. Transforming the bits, bobs and tail ends into soup, stew and stocks.

I managed all but a few spoonful but Jonathan was defeated halfway through.

So as much as this might put you off your lunch, I introduce to you the haggis roll! 

Scottish rolls gifted yesterday to us by our friend Mags from Corby. Soft morning rolls well fired. 

Inside the roll, I spread the leftover haggis and a squirt of brown sauce. I know it sounds disgusting, but don't knock it till you have tried it.

This reminds me of home in Scotland, where my mum would fill the morning roll with square slice!

N.B - not all the food on this blog is glamorous, healthy or trendy. It is however what I enjoy and what I eat. I hope you enjoy reading. 

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